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Hello again 🙂

Although I have reposted Fergal Somervilles piece on our pilot, I have not been in touch for a while. Many things have occurred since I last spoke to you and many things are up and coming making us all be excited and twitchy in equal measure.

At the end of my last sea swim week I managed to trip up some stairs (everyone else would have managed to fall down them!) and damage my good shoulder, get some impressive bottom and thigh bruises….no, I did not take photos!…and just to top it off gave myself a corker of a black eye! having seen the doc, had an x-ray and been to fracture clinic all seems to be ok. I cannot describe the relief knowing I could actually manage some training.

And on the subject of training, I have been sea swimming this week. Using both arms (finally) and being swum into by fish, 2 on the same day! I am still a shrieker it turns out.

The race is now on between the temperature in the lake at Activities Away, Lincoln and our qualifying swim on the 25th of April! it has to stay below 14degrees and its already in double figures.

The following week we are all going to Guildford Lido to join in the fun that is 2swim4life, 1 hour every hour for 24 hours…Now, with the lack of training since all my shoulder issues (operation/stairs) this is going to be a proper mental challenge! fortunately, I am completely mental so I have some hope this wont defeat me a second time.

We are still looking for sponsors for many things apart from our 3 incredible charities, so if you think you or someone you know may be able to help please contact us at oceanwalkerladiesrelay@gmail.com

and just for fun, we are hoping the jellyfish dont reach this size

lions mane

and on that note there will be an update after qualifying at the end of the month

Happy swimming