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Well, Saturday the 25th April dawned bright and warmer than expected, everybody arrived at Activities Away lake, Lincoln with cake bribes, sorry I mean rest period snacks šŸ™‚ smiles and a will to do this swim! We had to swim in temperatures below 14 degrees C for 2 hours the a further 1 hour within 12 hours. Kate Channelling Positivity Vines was our overseer, timekeeper and paperwork monitor and would sign us off if we complied with all the rules stipulated by the ILDSA

The first 2 hours seemed a little tough as there was cloud cover and the wind had picked up a little but the determination to reach our goal and not let the team down prevailed and there was a surprising amount of smiling at the end of that 2 hours in 13.5 degrees in only a swimsuit, hat and goggles.

Even more hilarity ensued as we attempted to change our costumes and dress with many cold parts making the whole episode twice as difficult as it normally is! claw hands, frozen top lips and feet that seemed to be made of lumpy plasticine…

bacon butties/cheese paninis, teas, coffees and hot chocolates consumed went a long way to restoring body temperatures and after drop was slight or none existent, with all this we decided that an hour and a half was long enough recovery time to get back in and go for the 3rd hour

so, stripping off we (I would like to say plunged) tiptoed back in to the lake to find it was not as bad the second time around and with the sun coming out qualifying was now becoming a reality

when Kates whistle blew to let us know we had completed the swim there was a huge cheer from all the ladies! We had done it!!! the smiles went from ear to ear. We swam back to the exit point as a group and exited with the pride of knowing we had achieved what we set out to do that day.

I am privileged to have these mentally tough and smiley ladies as my team mates…Bring it on!!!!


Many thanks to all who helped out, with safety, photography, sitting and watching, stroke counting, well being checks and food and drinks provisioning and just cheering us through the challenge, you know who you are and we could not have done it without you…..MASSIVE THANKS!!!

24hour swim next weekend, watch this space