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Having jumped at the chance to be part of the OW Ladies Relay team, the last thing I expected was to be floating in Windermere with Sylvia and Vicki, being interviewed by Mike Bushell from the BBC. Trying to stay afloat, stay warm and actually focus on producing remotely coherent answers proved to be fairly difficult! Mike said it was one of the nicest interviews he had ever done, I just remember pulling a face at the camera as I floated face first into it and Sylvia is convinced she just repeated everything Vicki and I said. Mike was lovely, a real game for a laugh and he made three camera shy swimmers feel as comfortable as he possibly could.

Windermere on the jetty

The setting was beautiful, company sparkling but I wonder what the bride and groom made of a hoard of scantily clad swimmers and a BBC camera crew descending on their wedding at the Lakeside Hotel. The resident swan was clearly not impressed as it aimed a bite at poor Adam Walker’s nether regions!

OW Ladies & Mike Bushell

The afternoon consisted of the following sequence of events:


  1. We received our great new hoodies from Sylvia and lovely Zoggs gear – thank you Adam, Sylvia and Zoggs!
  2. Adam’s swim stroke and his beautiful dogs were filmed
  3. There was an Ocean Walker swim camp lesson, also filmed
  4. Mike dolphin dived (not advocated by us of course) into the lake in skins and made a fairly sharp dash out for his wetsuit
  5. Interview and swimming filming when we realised that Mike was swimming and still wearing his shoes!
  6. Tireless efforts by Andy Watson who responded with good humour to demands for photos, filming, dry robes and warm drinks
  7. Stripping off in front of the wedding guests – I bet that was more than they bargained for
  8. As per open water tradition, I managed to get Mike to eat my Bakewell tart
  9. Mike then fed us chips and shortbread in return (lovely!)

Sarah & Mike

I really don’t know how the interview will come across but I enjoyed a lovely, sunny afternoon with some of my favourite people, swimming, raising our profile, hanging out in our Delta Simons hoodies, eating lovely food and avoiding the bum biting swan.

Sarah Sylvia & Vicki Windermere