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It has been a while since I last blogged and updated you all on our progress

It is now only 3 weeks until our tide window opens and so much has happened I am struggling with where to start…I think its just going to have to be a case of verbal Diarrhoea đŸ™‚

so here we go

We are privileged to welcome Activities Away, Lincoln, UK on board as one of our sponsors. Steve Poulton has offered us training at the lake and will be sponsoring our swim hats. Vicki and I train there regularly, its a fantastic place with clean, clear, almost drinking water quality water. Fabulous staff, customers and bacon butties to die for! if you are ever in the area you should check it out, give us a yell and we would love to swim with you.

We would also like to welcome One Step Beyond for their brilliant offer of help with raising funds and sponsorship…watch this space!!

3 members of our relay, myself, Sarah Gatland and Louise Stratford joined Clarissa Bruce and Leon Fryer for a 5man English Channel relay on Louise Jane with Andy King and crew last week. We completed the feat in 13 hours and 52 minutes, starting at 03.34 very am. We got to swim into the sunrise, but didn`t see any dolphins. We did encounter jellyfish though. I managed to punch one without seeing it, squeaked then laughed for a long time..I think the guys on the boat thought I had gone mad! There was a huge amount of fun and camaraderie on that boat and I am very proud to have been fortunate enough to join this group of funny and slightly potty people.


EC landing

We extend our congratulations to the 2 Way North Channel International Relay Team, made up of Ireland, South Africa, Estonia, Finland, Czech Republic and Sweden. Who last week completed the feat we are about to attempt. They left Robie’s point Donaghadee, Co Down at 07:52am 27th July and finished Tuesday 28th July at Orlock Point, Donaghadee Co Down at 1:49pm- Ireland -Scotland-Ireland unofficial time 29hrs: 57mins 23 secs. Congrats to Patrick Corcoran, Henri Kaarma, Ryan Stramrood, Elina Makiinen, Zdenek Tlamicha and Anna Carin Nordin.

We are also in need of a tracker so people can follow our progress..assuming the weather is kind and allows us to go in our tide window of the 21st-25th of August. If anyone could help us with this please let us know here or on our facebook page đŸ™‚

And finally

We would like to ask for your help to raise funds for our 3 chosen charities…if you could spare a few pence please help us to help these 3 amazing charities by going to our virgin giving page.

I warned you it was going to be a random jumble of happenings, neediness and out and out begging đŸ™‚ here is one final picture showing just how barking we are

and that was without beer!!!

and that was without beer!!!

Love these ladies!