• The North Channel
  • Distance – 35 km each way
  • Average Water Temperature – 10-14 degrees celsius
  • Start north or south of Belfast Lough to Portpatrick, in Scotland then finish near Groomsport, N Ireland
  • A two way crossing has never been done by an All Lady Team!

Sea at sunset

  • First attempt was made in 1924 and the first success was 1947.
  • Has been attempted around 80 times since 1924, but only 25 successful solo swims and 8 relays have been successful to date.
  • Attempts can be from either N.Ireland or Scotland
  • We are an all lady team


  • Each swimmer shall swim for one hour each time she enters the water.
  • The swimmer may wear only one swimsuit in one or two pieces which shall not extend past the shoulder or below the knee. All swimsuits shall be made from textile materials.
  • Caps may not be made from neoprene or any other material which offers similar heat. Silicone or latex hats are permitted
  • Standard relay team – Each standard team shall consist of 6 swimmers each swimming for 1 hour. The names of the 6 persons shall be given to the official observer before the actual commencement of the swim. Thereafter there shall be NO changes in order or substitutions whatsoever.
  • Channel rules apply



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